Teaching permanent values

The CFC Red Star Select and Academy programs are dedicated to developing not only the highest quality players, but also the finest young individuals. There is no doubt that at the highest level of any sport, as in soccer, there is no achieving expected results without a carefully planned and thoughtful organization with a positively motivated sports environment. This will, in the long run, significantly contribute to the development of top-level soccer in our community.

An individual player’s talent, on it’s own, is a very important prerequisite for success, but not a guarantee for the highest level. The Red Star soccer program is offering professional training to it’s players and is helping them become the best that they can be in this sport that they choose to specialize in. Red Star is an institution that will help our talented kids develop and maximize their own personal creativity in all aspects of educational, sporting and cultural activities. Red Star will not, in any shape, fashion or form, neglect our CYSA recreational program and it’s goals. Red Star will work with Rec to help them achieve their goals. Red Star is certain of it’s goals which will be repeated over and over again and that is the development of the very best and finest “final product”; pro players or college level players. The foundation of this goal is the focus on the individual, professional approach to training, which at the same time is our own concept and appropriation.

It takes a lot of determination and self-discipline to live up to the demands and achieve the complex objectives of today’s soccer. Young players have to start early to develop the will power and strength of character necessary to realize the dream of becoming a professional or college soccer player. Naturally, few players make the leap to professional status. However, character training will last a lifetime on and off the field. The ability to pursue your personal goals with determination, will power and passion is especially helpful in this day and age. Attitude is perhaps the most important factor in development and our players will be taught to approach practice and match play, as well as their everyday social encounters, with honesty, integrity and fairness.

Overall, the Red Star’s goal is to form a talented player, a strong player, and an outstanding person (in speech, action and conduct) by teaching permanent values.

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